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A Musical Legacy reveals some exciting new Malta-related music discovered in libraries in Italy, France and England. It includes the different types of music and dance of a cross-section of Malta's society. The book unveils some 40 new melodies, escorting the reader through masked balls at the Manoel Theatre, 17th century castanet dances of the town's people, Pilgrim's dances, as well as the lively airs and Carnival dances of the Maltese rustic folk. Of particular interest is a set of sumptuous 16th century alla turca dances created by the Knights of St. John - both dance steps and different versions of this music fortunately survive.

The author has managed to gather together a rich inheritance of music for piano, harp, flute, baroque string quartet, and unspecified instruments. She has carried out detailed research on each of the musical works giving profuse historical background information, editorial comments and footnotes.

This well-illustrated book, containing musical treasures dating from the 16th to the 19th century, should appeal to all Melitensia collectors, music lovers and dance enthusiasts alike.

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"...a thoroughly researched, academically rigorous book that is at the same time pleasant to read and to behold"
- The Sunday Times (Malta)

A Musical Legacy: Malta-related music found in foreign libraries
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Malta's Musical Legacy
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